Partnership announced

MoveMan are pleased to announce a partnership with BestGlobalMovers to provide removal leads directly from their website into your MoveMan Pro software.  

The leads come through within minutes of them being submitted and there is no manual process like other software providers to manually import the plain-text email every time.   This service utilises our MoveManLive module to automatically collect these leads and create a new client with all the details from the BestGlobalMovers website, making it simple and easy.  

In light of this partnership, BestGlobalMovers are offering an exclusive promotional deal of 10 free leads to all new members who sign up to their service.  

Call 0207 424 4001 or email and mention MoveMan to take up their introductory offer or apply online at BestGlobalMovers.   

For more information on the MoveMan Live module and all its great features please give us a call or visit MoveMan Live for more details.