MoveMan Cloud


Easy to use system used by over 275 removal companies


Fully hosted system available 24 hours a day on most devices


Your data is backed up and secured using the latest technology

MoveMan is a simple and easy to use system and is one of the main software systems used within the removals industry. MoveMan Cloud gives you access to the MoveMan software without you having to invest in new equipment and technical expertise to implement the software. It is all run from our cloud servers and we look after it for you.

 •   access MoveMan from your PC anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
 •   be certain your data is secure.
 •   not have to worry about having the right PC specifications.
 •   integrate your emails and cloud storage and have access to everything from one place.
 •   not have to rely on having in-house IT support supporting MoveMan.
 •   get all the benefits of MoveMan without upfront costs by paying monthly.
 •   reduce paperwork to save time and money.