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Go Paperless

MoveMan Job is a great app designed to help you go paperless with your job sheets.  Built on Android and iOS platforms, your crew can get up and running with their job sheets delivered to their mobile phone devices quickly and easily.  Each crew member has their own login and jobs assigned via MoveMan to their employee record will be delivered to their device. Jobs are then simply opened from the app and all the detail relevant to the crew will be displayed for them in an easy to view format.

Functionality includes recording job start and finish times, tracking materials taken and returned as well as job sign offs are all included for each job. New features have also been added to allow for custom PDF forms to be added for completion on the device and a clock in an out system for the whole working day.

Vehicle Checks

Reduce the need to take extra paperwork out when using MoveMan Job.  Our app has built in functionality to complete a VOSA vehicle check at the start of every job.  Drivers can record note of a vehicle defect, which will sync back into the operator’s diary in MoveMan and give them a defect log that they can track and complete.  Additionally, the full daily check can be recorded against each vehicle, requiring the driver to confirm yes or no to every required check.  If there is no recorded answer the check cannot be completed.

To finish of the vehicle check, the driver can sign electronically to confirm the check has been carried out.  Additional functionality has been provided to allow the driver to record a short video walk around of the vehicle. This is then emailed immediately to the operations team to ensure that any items noted as presented to operations immediately for review and action.

Recording Damages

Another great function of the MoveMan Job app is the ability for crew to capture images of items that are damaged at both collection and delivery addresses.  By having this option at both locations crew can quickly identify and record images for items damaged before and during a move to avoid costly insurance claims.  Any number of images can be recorded, and these are all attached to an email and sent over at the point when the job is signed off and finished.

Detailed Sign-off

Once the crew have finished the job, the app allows the capture of up to four signatures in relation to the job for collection, delivery, waiver and foreman, with the added feature of a video sign off if the crew are not comfortable with the customer using their device to sign.  The crew also have the option to ask the client to complete a performance report with all the questions being set within the MoveMan data making it bespoke to the questions and responses you require.

Each signature is geolocated so you can tell where exactly it was signed, helping to authenticate the customers signature at the right time and place.

Once the job has been signed off and finished, the job sheet is then emailed giving you all the details of the signed off job , plus separate emails for images and vehicle checks.

Management Portal

For control over the employees using the job app, there is a management portal designed to make it easy to discontinue users and update employees. If an employee loses their phone or no longer works for the company, they can quickly be discontinued removing all MoveMan Job app data from their device.  This great feature gives you piece of mind over securing your data once it is on a mobile device.

From here the SMS templates can be created for the crew to send to customers, allowing them to quickly and easily send status messages to the client about their journey or delivery.

The portal also give the ability to customise the sign off messages for each of the four sign off options in the app.  Easily personalise the text here to suit your requirements.

A new feature has now been added to automatically import the completed job emails directly into the customers record in MoveMan ensuring that these are always directly accessible by office staff.

MoveMan Job helps make the process distributing job sheets to crew even easier. By linking directly with the MoveMan software it removes the need to give the crew printed job sheets. New jobs can be transmitted to them from the MoveMan software whilst they are out on the road or just downloaded before they leave.

 •   remove the need for printed job sheets.
 •   remove handwritten notes.
 •   automatically import the completed job emails into their MoveMan record
 •   increase efficiency by removing the need to update the crew at your depot.
 •   capture signatures and images of item damage at collection and delivery.
 •   record vehicle defects whilst on the job.
 •   clock in and out of jobs so you know the times crew are working onsite.