Microsoft Access 2010 runtime

Installer for Microsoft Access 2010 runtime required to run MoveMan.

Click here to download - 175MB


MoveMan Live Linker

Installer to install on the SQL server to automatically transfer data to the MoveMan Live service for leads and job satisfaction surveys.

Click here to download - Version 1.6MB


OWC 11 Fix

Installer to fix issues where MoveMan is reporting an error with missing or invalid OWC (Office Web Controls.

Click here to download 32 bit - 3.2MB            Click here to download 64 bit - 3.2MB 


MoveMan Large Job Board

Installer for large job board designed for full HD TVs, contact MoveMan for a licence to use.

Click here to install


MoveMan Shared Documents Archiver

Installer for application to automatically move shared documents into sub-folders for each year for archive purposes.

Click here to install


MoveMan SQL Data Updater

Installer for application to automatically update MoveMan SQL data and provide utility services.

Click here to install


MoveMan Backup

Installer for application to automate the backup of MoveMan locally and to Microsoft Azure.

Click here to install


Office Converter Pack

Microsoft Office Converter Pack to ensure MoveMan can open all graphic files if a full copy of Office is not already installed.

Click here to install


Num locker

This can be used to fix issue in Microsoft Office where the Num Lock get switched off.

Click here to install