MoveMan Live

Automate your enquiries


Respond quickly and easily to any incoming enquiry


Let your staff concentrate on work rather than on data entry


Get the client to add the data for you when they enquire

With MoveMan Live you can…


 •   get the client to do the work for you
 •   save time by having leads and enquiries from your website directly added to MoveMan
 •   respond faster than your competitors
 •   receive enquiries from your website directly into MoveMan
 •   collect job performance indicators automatically over the internet
 •   receive third-party leads directly into MoveMan
 •   reduce data errors and improve quality


MoveMan Live helps your business by collecting all your third-party leads and website enquiries. The information is then added directly into MoveMan without you having to run any manual import processes or to re-enter data. Job performance questionnaires can be collected automatically once the client has moved.

Sample basic enquiry form


Sample enquiry form with items


Sample enquiry form with compact items


Sample customer satisfaction report